Welcome to Northside Pharmacy!

tel. 718 387 6566
fax 718 782 7101
559 Driggs Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11211 Mon-Sat: 10am-8pm Sun: 11am-5pm



Northside Pharmacy is a boutique apothecary located in the heart of Williamsburg Brooklyn, steps away from one of New York's busiest pedestrian intersections. Specializing in holistic health & beauty care, the shelves are donned with high-end European product lines and locally sourced items crafted by-hand by some of today’s leading artisans and creative entrepreneurs from the local community.


With over 60 years of combined experience in the pharmaceutical industry, co-owners & resident pharmacists Halina Jankowski and Rachel Parker have been servicing the sick and the shop-a-holic alike since purchasing the pharmacy over a decade ago . Since then, the two have cultivated an experienced sales force and marketing team that caters to the needs of every existing and potential client.


Every week, Northside Pharmacy invites the community to participate in free educational workshops and events highlighting various product lines and health remedies. Guest lecturers & authors, health & wellness coaches and featured vendors are invited to share their knowledge and products with the NSP community.


Northside Pharmacy has been a staple in the Williamsburg community for over a century. Originally established as Northside Chemists in 1910, the pharmacy was the first retailer to occupy the corner storefront on Bedford Avenue and North 7th Street and remained in that same location until its recent move to 559 Driggs Avenue in 2013. Current owners Halina Jankowski and Rachel Parker purchased the business in 1998 and continue to dish out old- school pharmacy tradition with a boutique Brooklyn twist. We’re known for our personalized customer service and high end product lines. Co-owners and resident pharmacists Jankowski and Parker met in the 1970's while apprenticing under Ed Charno, owner of Harrico Pharmacy in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Charno, an active leader in the community (you may recognize the name next time you're on Manhattan Avenue) was known for his generosity, sponsoring handfuls of young proteges through Pharmacy School. Charno's legacy remains as Northside Pharmacy continues to support and heal its Brooklyn community.